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Bricklayer/Foreman with 12 years’ combined experience in the laying and supervising in the construction of residential and commercial buildings across the U.K, New Zealand and Australia(Full Permanent Resident). Possess a strong work ethic with a firm commitment to completing projects on time, safely and with attention to detail. Key Skills & Personal Attributes ➢ Experience in Brick/Block work, pouring and finishing concrete ➢ Excellent interpersonal skills – able to work effectively with trades’ personnel ➢ Keen and reliable team player but works well autonomously without supervision ➢ Effectively responds to challenging or unpredictable situations ➢ Demonstrates leadership abilities – allocates tasks effectively and prioritises safety


  • Bricklaying


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Full time (TFN), Contract (ABN)

Experience (10+ Years)

Tim Smith Bricklaying -

  • Bricklayer

Length of job: Jan 2017 - current



Heritage Bricklaying Ltd - UK

  • Co-Director / Foreman

Length of job: Jan 2014 - Dec 2016

Reference: Jonathan Mulryan

Description: ➢ Pricing plans, ordering materials, directing staff and allocating jobs. ➢ Laying bricks ➢ Liaised directly other trades, Project Mangers and Clients *Please note that Mr Mulryan bought me out of the company in September 2016 Due to the fact of me gaining Residency in Australia. This is why my CV also shows Foreman.

Pd Brickwork - North West England

  • Foreman

Length of job: Jun 2013 - Dec 2013

Reference: PD Brady

Description: ➢ Worked in a group of 3 on piece work on new build residential and commercial ➢ Mixing mortar, setting up small scaffold, cutting bricks, laying bricks, supervising bricklayers ➢ Liaised directly other trades, building supervisors and worked unsupervised.

. - Australia

  • Various bricklaying contracts in Australia

Length of job: Jan 2010 - Dec 2013




Cert Iii In Bricklaying

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Training Completed: NA

Aca Advanced Construction

Training Body:

Training Completed: NA