About Hannes Von coler

I fulfilled my aprenticeship as a joiner in Hamburg, Germany, with the best results, a commendation and awards for my final piece and worked for a year after that. Jobs included high quality furniture, shop fittings, production and installation of doors, windows and staircases. In the past five years I have worked as a shipwright mainly, working to a high standard of the superyacht industry. I consider myself a decent spray painter on small to medium size objects. I am familiar with the use of all wood working machinery and hand tools. CNC programming has been learned but I would require a quick reintroduction. Always happy to learn more and teach to others. I am well presented, strong and fit and able to hold a conversation with customers to determine their priorities. Not shy to put in some extra hours.


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  • Joinery


Driver Licence
Own Tools

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  • Personal accident and sickness


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Issuer: Handwerkskammer Hamburg

Seeking the following type of work

Full time (TFN), Contract (ABN)

Experience (5-10 Years)

Selfemployed - New Zealand

  • shipwright

Length of job: Nov 2014 - May 2016

Reference: Nick Marvin, Customer

Description: joinery, spray painting, decking, machinery, laminating, installation of cooling systems, EP and PU coatings project management, coordination of different trades, Auto CAD 3d presentations


Cabinet Maker

Training Body: Tischlerei Brinkmann

Training Completed: NA