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In the last 5 years I have found myself practicing the architectural career mainly in the area of design and development of project, addressing housing and trade projects ranging from 5000m2 to 180m2. In the last 2 years, I have developed individual projects that have been tackled from land search, design, logistics, development and construction; With special emphasis on construction. In this last stage I directly involved with the construction process, covering: foundations, structures in wood, steel structures, installations, insulation, coatings, finishes and details. This process allowed to develop the practical area involved in a construction.


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J.S.Arch - Chile

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Length of job: Dec 2014 - current

Reference: Javier Soza

Description: Land search, appraisal, Conceptualization, architectural designe, drawing, demolition, logistic, foundations, build wood structure, build steel structure, Brick building, plaster, painting, carpentry, completions and details. All processes and stages involving a construction.