3 solutions to manage your construction business

August 15 2017   02 PM  

Are you just starting out as a builder? Transitioning from the tools to managing a whole project from start to finish is a big leap and a daunting process. 

Most guys starting out as builders have been successful as carpenters or another qualified trade, so they are familiar and confident in the build process, but it’s the admin and paperwork that bogs everyone down. It doesn’t have to be the way...
I suggest mapping out all of the different tasks you need to complete to keep your business running smoothly, and from there, figuring out what help is needed.
Whether it’s hiring a new team member for the office, outsourcing administration jobs to part-timers or integrating technology into your business, there are plenty of ways to lighten your load.
Here are 3 solutions to consider:

1. Accounting
It is critical that you get this right from the start!!!! A good accountant can be the most valuable asset your company will ever have. Ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations and interview a few different Accountants until you find the right fit. 
Adopting a system like Xero to issue and track invoices, reconcile your business expenses and keep a check on bad debts will be a game changer for your business. 
You should also consider working with a bookkeeper every month/quarter. They are authorised to lodge your BAS statements, calculate your GST and manage your employee wage, tax and superannuation benefits. This stuff is tricky, so save yourself the hassle and outsource it - it will save you in the long run. 
2. Tender Management
Pricing jobs is time consuming and fraught with risk. Before submitting a final price on a job, you want to make sure that you’ve considered everything, and that includes validating the quotes submitted to you by your subbies. 
Bid management software such as ConX, allows you to put packages together to send to subcontractors. You can create a custom bid form in each package with line by line costings to be returned to you.  You can send packages out to your preferred subbies or to the wider ConX network. 

All you’re quotes will be received through ConX in a streamlined format as opposed to having quotes come through on SMS, email, excel, and verbally over the phone. Now, you can manage the whole tender process in one place, compare quotes side by side, flagging those that are overpriced or under-cooked. This will dramatically reduce your admin hours and give you the competitive edge.
3. Project management
Here a my favourite technical solutions to check out for managing projects: 
Procore - Document control and a whole integrated app store.
WorkflowMax - team management through to invoicing.
There are numerous programs and apps out there to help you run your business. I recommend speaking to someone like TradiePad who can assess your business and recommend apps and programs based on your specific needs.
Spend the time shopping around for what is right for you and please drop us a comment or get in touch with any questions.