A growing database of tried and trusted tradies

June 18 2015   12 PM  

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Finding the right tradies for the right role

Hard work beats talent, but only when talent doesn’t work hard! But how can you be sure which category your next group of trades & labor will fall under when hiring them?

You know the type of tradie who looks fantastic, on paper that is.  Trade license is current, trade insurances in place, lots of experience on the job. They show up on Monday and by Friday, it’s a cold handshake and a bid farewell because they haven’t met standard in person. 

ConX gathers ratings on tradies 

A recommendation from a mate is always so valuable, but sometimes, when tradies are scarce, you need a backup.   It’s time to think of ConX as your most reliable referral engine. We’re gathering ratings on our growing database of trades & labor from other contractors in the construction industry, so when you go to hire them, you know what to really expect.

A full database of rated tradies

We have a rapidly growing database of trades and labor registered and we’re constantly gather more information about workers experience, qualifications & peer recommendations so you can arm yourself with as much information as possible before getting them on the job.

Construction Jobs Australia