Maximize your earning potential as a construction worker

June 09 2015   12 PM  

How to maximize your earnings

When times are good, and work is everywhere, you get to name your price. Whether you’re a carpenter, plumber, electrician, bricklayer, laborer, painter, landscaper – the benefits of the boom times have been felt in the Australian Construction Industry.

But equally, so have the ripples of recession. Every trade goes through cycles of over-supply. The mining boom sucked trades out of the system, driving up demand for those left, but those days are over and as trades and labor are filtering back into cities and towns around Australia, the effects will be felt.

Here’s a look at average wage rates for trades and labor in Australia according to PayScale:

  • Carpenter                              $27.00 p/h
  • Laborer                                  $21.22 p/h
  • Electrician                              $29.00 p/h
  • Bricklayer                               $26.00 p/h
  • Plumber                                 $27.00 p/h
  • Landscaper                            $21.00 p/h

These figures indicate average rates, and there are many more factors that need to be taken into account when determining what you can charge as your hourly rate, such as years experience, city & state you’re located in, additional skills you’ve gained on the job.

At ConX, you have the chance to register for daily job notifications to see what’s out there and ensure you’re getting the market rate (or more) for your current level of skill and experience, and if you’re not satisfied with where you are, you’re just two clicks away from the next job.

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