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Friday Beer Tricks for Tradies

You know it, it's another week of Fix-It Friday tricks.

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Tradie jobs to up cycle old materials

It's another week of Fix-It-Friday tricks, and this time we're going to get very hands on with wood. Recycling was so yesterday, now it's all about upcycling. Enjoy!

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DIY nuts and bolts storage

Check this out. I've put together some handy Fix-it-Friday tricks for my ConX tradie mates. Enjoy and have a great weekend! 

- Keith

*If you'd like to work for Keith, his carpentry business hire's regularly through ConX

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Female Tradies Enter the Trade Industry

Women who work in trades are not princesses, says carpentry apprentice Juliette Liddle. ''The princesses don't make it,'' she laughs.

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5 steps to overcome the last minute panic of quarterly BAS statements

Well tradies, for those of you that report your activity statements quarterly, I’m sure, like me, you were tearing your hair out yesterday afternoon. Well, I made it over the line and here are my tips for making the next quarter a little easier:

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What is a white card and why you need it for construction work

White Card training' is the term used to describe general induction for construction training and the term 'White Card' is literally the plastic card you get from the Registered Training Organisation once your training is complete. (FYI- this was previously called a green card).

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Construction Apprenticeship Versus University Degree

Leading research analysts suggest that the value of a degree is questionable if costs of obtaining one increases under the Federal Government's plan.

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An overview of the Australian Construction Industry

Ever wondered how ConX works? Here is a how and why of the Australian construction industry and how ConX fits into it.

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Trade apprentices on the A team to solve the skills shortage

"Our kids need the freedom and support at school to choose a career in the trades without feeling like they're playing on the B team for not deciding to go to uni,"  - Federal Assistant Minister for Education Sussan Ley

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