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The Tiling Tool That Will Save You 1000s of hours

Tiling Calculator, Tiling Software

You wouldn’t use a tool from 30 years ago to cut your tiles, so why would you use pens, paper and rulers to do your estimating?

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Concrete Calculator - How much concrete do I need?

How to use online tools to calculate the amount of concrete required for a slab!

Concrete Calculator

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The 4 Best Construction Estimating Software on the Market

First things first it completely depends on the size of your company. A multinational company will have entirely different needs and budget than your small residential builder. Licenses for some of these can cost thousands of dollars per year per user. 

Another major factor is who will be using the software? Will it be a professional estimator who has completed a degree in estimating or a painter by trade looking to price a local job?

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Creating a Winning Building Quote

Let’s be honest as tradies, quoting for jobs probably isn’t exactly what you’d love to be doing, but it’s obviously a must. On the upside if you’re good at creating successful quotes, and win more jobs, you can spend less time quoting and more time out on site. In order to give yourself an edge over competitors here’s a couple of hot tips.

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Outsourcing your Estimating and Bill of Quantities

Leading on from my challenges, we’ve recently launched a new Takeoff service at ConX, making it easier for builders and subbies to get their quantities done for them. I know the pain, I’ve felt it first hand and I am passionate about making it accessible for others through a reliable, cost effective service. 

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5 Top Tips For Builders Who Are Hiring

Need to hire more staff for your building company? Or,

Have you ever hired someone that turned out to be an expensive mistake?

Discover how other builders are attracting the best people...

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6 proven ways to grow your building and trade contracting business

1. Use referrals
To get these you must Be as professional as possible with every client on every job...

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