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Validating Building and Tradespeople Contractor Licenses

ConX has been working on a beta program with the NSW government, integrating our system with api.nsw to validate contractor licenses on the platform in real time.

This feature is now live and all contractor licenses will be displayed on member profiles as “Active” “Expired” "Surrendered" or "Cancelled".

This transparency will reduce risk and and speed up the process of hiring your next tradie or choosing your next job. Build a free profile on ConX to check out how it works.

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Construction and Women - What’s the problem

“If we want to increase the number of women in Australia's construction sector we need to be willing to challenge working conditions for men.”

That's the unexpected conclusion reached by Louise Chappell and Natalie Galea after investigating why Australia's building sites, and the many professional services that support them, have remained virtually no-go zones for women despite significant workplace gains for women elsewhere. 

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Matching Supply and Demand in Thriving Australian Construction Industry

There seems to be a lot of chat of late about the construction industry slowing in Australia, but on the job front, it’s quite the opposite with the actual number of jobs advertised higher than this time last year, according to Seek, Australia’s leading jobs website. Read about how ConX is working to solve this:

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The ConX Team is off to Silicon Vally

The ConX Team is off to Silicon Vally and this is what it means for you...

After years of hard work building the ConX platform and our tradie member base, the ConX team was invited to attend a Google for Entrepreneurs event in Silicon Vally to share our ideas with other like minded people and most importantly investors who can give us the cash we need to bring those ideas to fruition.

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The Effects of the Home Australia Group Going Bust

Hundreds of subcontractors and their employees are left in the lurch as Senator Bob Day’s The Home Australia group has gone into liquidation and construction on 207 properties around the country has been put on hold. Read more about what's happening here:

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How to Use Social Media for your Trade or Construction Business

Social Media for trade and Construction Businesses

For a lot of the construction industry, social media is a new tool for advertising and interaction that you may know nothing about. If you fall into this category or are just getting your social media channels up and running, here’s a look at some of the social channels and a few tips to help you get started.

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Manage your business cashflows

Cash is king when running any business. Here are 5 tips to help manage your cashflows when running a tradie business:

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Five tips for tradies to win tenders

Are you spending all day on the tools and all evening in the “office” lining up the next job? Here are five tips to help you win more jobs and save your precious time for golf, surf, kids, or some other fun activity:

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Protecting your business income

Tradies - we're curious to know how badly you and your business is affected every year by contractors going bust. Would you take 60 seconds to help us by completing these 4 questions:

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If you'd like to know more about what we're working on, shoot us a mail at and lets have a chat.

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The Robot Builder

We wrote a blog piece on Hadrian in November last year when Fastbrick Robotics, the local Aussie company behind the Robot, listed on the ASX. Originally created to meet labour shortages the innovative company plans to begin building its first homes in Australia in the third quarter of 2017, and plans to manufacture about 8,000 of the robots over the next decade.

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