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Five tips for tradies to win tenders

Are you spending all day on the tools and all evening in the “office” lining up the next job? Here are five tips to help you win more jobs and save your precious time for golf, surf, kids, or some other fun activity:

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Protecting your business income

Tradies - we're curious to know how badly you and your business is affected every year by contractors going bust. Would you take 60 seconds to help us by completing these 4 questions:

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If you'd like to know more about what we're working on, shoot us a mail at and lets have a chat.

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The Robot Builder

We wrote a blog piece on Hadrian in November last year when Fastbrick Robotics, the local Aussie company behind the Robot, listed on the ASX. Originally created to meet labour shortages the innovative company plans to begin building its first homes in Australia in the third quarter of 2017, and plans to manufacture about 8,000 of the robots over the next decade.

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New Feature: ConX Team

ConX has recently launched “ConX Team” to give contractors complete visibility on who they are working with. Check out how this is working for registered subcontractor, Ocean Carpentry, below. 

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Challenges of Business Insolvency in the Construction Industry

Battling to get paid for jobs you've sucussfully completed? At ConX, we're working hard to come up with a solution to reduce the risk of general contractors claiming insolvency and leaving sub-contractors to go broke. 

Read the Executive Summary of the Senate report on Insolvency in the Construction Industry published in December 2015. This highlights the major problems and where they are stemming from.

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Contractors, what are your obligations?

Working with subcontractors is part of business whether you are getting an electrician to fix a light in the office or you have a crew of 20 subcontractors working on a job. You might be of the belief that they need to look after themselves, they get paid more to deal with all the other crap so you don’t have to? You are correct in some respects, you don’t have to pay wages or PAYG or holidays or sick leave and you can terminate the work whenever you like, but it’s not all plain sailing. Part of your WHS Duty of Care covers not just your workers but other parties that conduct work on your behalf or on your premises. So how do you make sure you are doing what you need to?

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The Construction Industry in the Current Economic and Political Climate

What does the re-election of the Turnbull government (even if just by the slenderest of margins) mean for the Construction industry in this current economic climate?


Even though most people have forgotten, the election was called in response to the Coalition’s senate bill to re-instate the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC). 

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Tradie tips for cold winter mornings

Struggling to get up in the morning? Read our tips for making the early starts on cold winter mornings more manageable.

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Top three questions to ask of before voting in the federal election

ConX co-founder and #realtradie Keith Moore has highlighed the top three questions to ask before voting in the federal election. You can read the full article in Smart Company here.

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What we learnt at the Construction Tech Summit

ConX attended the Construction Tech Summit hosted by Aconex in Melbourne on Thursday and Friday last week. It was a chance for construction software companies and startups to meet up and network, as well at attend some excellent forum discussions on topics ranging from software development, sales, and investment. Here a few things we learnt over the course of the summit.

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