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Tradies under the pump as Sydney Storm causes a 2400 per cent spike in demand

It’s been a crazy week as everyone recovers from the storm that tore NSW apart. On Tuesday, the Insurance Council of Australia announced estimated insured losses resulting from the storm had reached $56 million.

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Protection of subcontractor payments

Project Bank Accounts – The Background:

Much has been discussed in recent times about the use of Project Bank Accounts (Trust Accounts) as a means to protect the flow of payments on construction projects from the principals down to the eventual suppliers of the goods and services which form the eventual completed project.

The political, social, and financial consequences of the failure by suppliers and subcontractors to receive payment for works, completed following the all too frequent collapse of development and construction enterprises, was highlighted at every one of the recent hearings into insolvency in construction conducted  by the Senate Estimates Economics Committee.

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Tolls in NSW and Victoria set to rise and rise

Toll costs in NSW and Victoria set to continue to rise in the coming years, spelling bad news for construction SME's looking to reduce operational costs.

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Trade Licensing for 457 visa holders

Our partners over at Access Visa Migration Services put together some info about trade licensing for 457 visa holders. If you are qualified in a trade outside of Australia and looking to make a move, read on.....

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Tradies Win in the Budget

The 2016-17 Budget is a win for the $200 billion building and construction industry.

Company tax rate cuts

It has been confirmed that from July 1, small to medium-sized businesses with an annual turn over of up to $10 million dollars will qualify for a company tax rate of 27.5%, down from 30%.

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Top 10 trades in demand in Australia

The Department of Employment have released a report listing the top 10 trades in demand in Australia. Where are all the brickies at?

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Don’t get scammed by fake construction ads

There is a fake recruitment company in Perth posting ad’s on Gumtree, promising tradies, labourers and traffic controllers well paid jobs in return for a one-off payment by electornic trasfer in advance of the job starting to cover safety courses, uniforms and equipment.

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How to know if workers are employees or contractors?

Are you wondering whether the tradies on your job are employees or contractors? Check out this video which sums it up in two minutes

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5 life hacks for tradies

Chances are that if you are a tradie or a construction business owner, there is just not enough hours in the day. Early starts, heavy traffic, long hours and book keeping leaves you with just enough time for some dinner before starting all over again. Sound familiar?

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Running a Construction Business Online

These days, nearly every aspect of running the business, apart from actually being “on the tools” can be done online. 

Using the Internet to source and purchase materials is an efficient and cost effective alternative to taking a trip to the suppliers.  A quick google search will let you compare prices from different suppliers throughout the country (and the world depending on what it is). The cost savings can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

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