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5 questions to think about before going it alone

The construction sector makes up the largest number of small business owners in Australia, with over 300,000 business owners taking the leap and going it alone. But what are some of the questions you need to answer before you do, and what are some of the problems you will face? We spoke to some business owner and here is what we found.

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Protect Yourself with Progress Payments

There are payment requirements in the building and construction industry that principals, general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers must follow. These are regulated by the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (the Act).

As a contractor providing goods or services as part of construction work, you're entitled to receive ‘progress payments’ for work delivered. It doesn’t matter whether a contract is verbal, written or non-existent, you’re still entitled to them.

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Australia’s Tradies and Suicide


Hard times: The suicide scourge among Australia’s tradies was an article that appeared in the SMH’s Good Weekend last weekend by Peter Munro. It deeply saddened me and really hit a nerve. If you haven’t read it yet, please do now.

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Know who you are hiring in the construction industry

There is nothing more frustrating for a construction sub contractor than posting a job, fielding calls, holding interviews, only for your hired man not to show up on the first day.

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Is it a Bust or a Boom for the Australian Construction Industry?

Its confusing right? Headlines are saying the Construction industry is going bust, but work seems to be busier than ever right now? The jobs are coming in from every angle, it’s difficult to get skilled trades and labor and their rates are going up and up.

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4 Benefits of hiring trades and labour online

The building and construction industry is still booming, particularly here in NSW, but most businesses, big and small, are feeling the effects of the skills shortage.  Trades such as bricklaying, carpentry, painting and tiling are in high demand, and there are simply not enough skilled humans out there to do the work.

Moving away from the contacts in your phone book, we’ve highlighted 4 major benefits of hiring through an online platform such as ConX can have for your business:

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Three Apps to Save you Time and Money

Check out these three apps which are popular with the ConX team for every day use. What apps do you use for work (or play)? Add in the comments below.

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Construction Contractors struggle to find the skills as demand grows

Construction Contractor Skill ShortageConstruction contractors are winning projects as the market continues to boom, but they are struggling to find the workers to get the job done.

According to report released by Hays “The recruitment market in Sydney has never been so candidate short. This has created a major challenge for construction contractors that have won projects but are now struggling to find the right people to help them do the work.”

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Residential predicted to slowdown in 2016 as commercial work surges

2016 is predicted to be another big year for the construction sector with a rise in commercial activity making up for a slowdown in residential work.

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Mass timber construction gathers momentum

Lendlease are launching a prefabricated building materials factory in Western Sydney, and StrongBuild are expanding it’s CLT(Cross Laminated Timber) and offsite prefabrication capacity with a new facility in Balukham Hills expected in 2016 as mass timber construction gathers momentum.

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