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What does ConX do?
ConX is a platform linking general contractors, subcontractors and individual tradies together for work.ConX is a platform that connects contractors in the construction industry. The platform lets hiring contractors create detailed job listings with images of work that needs to be done, while subcontractors and individuals can create a profile displaying trade-related skills, validated licenses, and visual portfolios of previous work experience.
How long will it take to fill my job?
We've successfully connected contractors to jobs in under 10 minutes. Supply and demand of the trade you're hiring plays an important factor so make sure the rates you are offering are competitive.
I need to hire a tradie, how does it work?
Build a business profile in under 5 minutes and list upcoming jobs to the ConX job directory. Add images, plans and detailed info about the job. Upgrade the job for $99 and we'll send out a text and email notification to your suitable matches. You can view applicants’ profiles displaying their skills, experiences and certifications and contact them directly through the ConX messaging system.
How do I get hired for work?
Build a profile to showcase visual images of your work, along with your skills, experience and certifications. ConX will notify you via text and email when a job matching your profile is posted. If you are interested, you can apply to the contractor directly and message them for more information about the job through the ConX messaging system.
When I apply for a job, can the contractor see my contact details?
No, you're contact details remain hidden until you accept the job. You can communicate with contractors directly through the ConX messaging system.
Does it cost money to search and apply for jobs?
No. It's free.
When I post a job, can everyone see my contact details?
No, you're contact details remain hidden until you confirm your hire. You can communicate with tradies directly through the ConX messaging system.
How long will it take me to find a job?
This depends on your trade, and what jobs are happening in your area. Building a complete profile with increase your chances of landing the best jobs quickly.
How much does it cost to list a job?
Listing a basic job on ConX costs $99. Upgrading a job to send an instant SMS and email notification out to your suitable matches costs an additional $49.
Does it cost money to use ConX?
If you’re looking for work, building a profile and applying for construction jobs is completely free. You negotiate the rates directly with the employer. It's that simple - ConX is NOT a middleman and we DON’T take a cut of your hard earned dollars.
Is ConX a Labour Hire Agency?
Nope! ConX is simply the platform that facilitates the connection between the job poster and the job seeker.
What if the tradie I hire does a bad job?
Our rating system was built to ensure the best tradies rise to the top. Tradies are rated on efficiency, quality of work, adherence to safety and adding overall value to a project. If a tradie has performed poorly, please reflect this when rating them so future employers can take a more informative decision. A strong peer review system will quickly replace a word of mouth recommendation.
What if the tradie is not who they say they are?
When building a profile, ConX collects very targeted, specific data. In the unlikely event that someone has lied about any of the information displayed on their profile, please contact us immediately and we will take action.
What if the tradie doesn't show up to the job?
We have built ConX to make it easy for you to find the best workers in a fast turnaround time. Once you confirm the job, offline arrangements are between you and the tradie. Should a tradie not show up, please check the “no show” box when rating them and we'll investigate it for you.
As a subcontracting business, can I get hired?
Yes, check the ConX Tender Board to see available contracts in your area. Make sure to invite all the tradies on your team to join your ConX profile
Can I hire subcontracting businesses?
Yes, the tendering feature is launched. Add images, scope of works and tender documentation and receive quotes from subcontractors in minutes.
How many tradies do you have in the System?
At the moment, we have a growing database of carpenters, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, scaffolders, landscapers, mechanics, skilled labourers and construction based trades. These are both individual trades, and subcontracting businesses.
How do I unsubscribe from SMS notifications?
Login to your profile and under the "Settings" tab, you can update your notification preferences.
How do the ratings and review work?
At the end of an engagement, both the tradie and contractor have the opportunity to rate and review eachother based on their experience.
As a tradie, what am I being rated on?
Your employer will rate you based on 1. Quality of your work 2. Efficiency to get the job done 3. Adherence to safety on the job The can also leave extra feedback and will confirm whether or not they'll work with you again.
As an employer, what am I being rated on?
Your hired tradie will rate you based on: 1. Payment Efficiency 2. Adherence of Safety on Site The can also leave extra feedback and confirm whether or not they'll work with you again.