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What is ConX
ConX is a digital toolbox for SME Construction Contractors at the pre-construction phase. We have a suite of easy to use and affordable tools to help you do takeoffs, manage tenders and hire a team. You are at the heart of all our decisions.
What tools are currently available?
Becoming a member on ConX gives you access to a comprehensive Takeoffs / Bill of Quantities (BOQ) service or you can do your own takeoff and estimates using ConX Measure. Through ConX Tendering you can manage tenders with your preferred subcontractor network or engage new guys on the open network / look for work if you are a subcontractor. You can also hire skilled trades and labour to your team
How much does it cost to use ConX
Each tool within ConX is priced individually and can be viewed in more detail at It is completely Free to set up an account and apply for jobs. Set up a profile with pictures of your work, a bio and other pieces of info about yourself. It is completely Free to setup a ConX account to profile yourself or your business. ConX Measure is free for the basic plan giving you x1 project per month. The unlimited plan is $30 per month or $300 for an annual subscription. The ConX Takeoff service is priced on a project by project basis. Send us your plans with a scope of works and we will come back to you with a quote. ConX Tendering is free to use to manage tenders and submit bids. It costs $99 to post a job on the open network.
What is a ConX Profile?
Your ConX profile is public and can be used as a micro-website to promote your business and display your capabilities. On your profile you can display business details, Team Members, photos of your work or link up your instagram handle. By creating a professional profile you can promote your business to others
How do I upload plans to do my own Takeoff on ConX Measure?
You can upload plans from your “Measure” Dashboard. Hit the “Upload Plans” button and select the PDF’s you wish to measure, give your project a name and away you go. Here is a link to a youtube demo: You can also forward plans to from the email address associated with your account. The plans will appear on your dashboard with the subject of the email as the project name.
How do I apply for tenders
As a subcontracting business, you can apply for tenders on the open network. Check the ConX Tender Board to see available contracts in your area and keep your profile up to date to be notified of jobs in your area, suited to your trade.
How do I post tenders?
You can send tenders to your preferred subcontractors or if you want to connect with new contractors, post a tender to the open network. Under the “tenders” tab, you can post multiple trade packages with a scope of works. Ensure to include all of the essential details of what's entailed in the job and subcontractors can price it appropriately. When it is posted you will get bids from interested contractors and you can review their profile and see if they are a good fit for you.
What if the tradie I hire does a bad job?
Our rating system was built to ensure the best tradies rise to the top. Tradies are rated on efficiency, quality of work, adherence to safety and adding overall value to a project. If a tradie has performed poorly, please reflect this when rating them so future employers can take a more informative decision. A strong peer review system will quickly replace a word of mouth recommendation.
Can I use ConX to create a quote?
Absolutely - you can use our measuring tool to do your own material takeoff. Once you have completed that you can download your measurements to our quoting template. You can then create a professional quote in minutes and stand out from the rest.
Will anyone be able to see the plans I am working on?
Unless you are on a Team Plan, people will not be able to view your plans. There is an option once you are finished to share with contractors your takeoff and submit it with your final quote. You would have to invite them to view your plans through.
I have multiple people in my business, can we access a team plan?
Yes, you can set up a business account and add team members to the account. You will be able to collaborate on projects.
How do I get hired for work?
Build a profile to showcase visual images of your work, along with your skills, experience and certifications. ConX will notify you via text and email when a job matching your profile is posted. If you are interested, you can apply to the contractor directly and message them for more information about the job through the ConX messaging system.
Why get a Takeoff done with ConX?
Doing a takeoff is time consuming and if like most people in the industry you find there are not enough hours in the day, you can let us take care of the heavy lifting. You can download a Sample BOQ here: We can do large commercial jobs right down to single trade for residential jobs. We have an experienced team of estimators who can produce a great BOQ for you.
I need to hire a tradie, how does it work?
Build a business profile in under 5 minutes and list upcoming jobs to the ConX job directory. Add images, plans and detailed info about the job. Upgrade the job for $99 and we'll send out a text and email notification to your suitable matches. You can view applicants’ profiles displaying their skills, experiences and certifications and contact them directly through the ConX messaging system.
How many skilled trades and subcontractors have profiles on the ConX Network?
At the moment, we have a growing database of +20,000 carpenters, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, scaffolders, landscapers, mechanics, skilled labourers and construction based trades. These are both individual trades, and subcontracting businesses.
When I post a job, can everyone see my contact details?
No, you're contact details remain hidden until you confirm your hire. You can communicate with tradies directly through the ConX messaging system.
How long will it take to fill my job?
We've successfully connected contractors to jobs in under 10 minutes. Supply and demand of the trade you're hiring plays an important factor so make sure the rates you are offering are competitive.
How do I unsubscribe from SMS notifications?
Login to your profile and under the "Settings" tab, you can update your notification preferences.
How do the ratings and reviews work?
At the end of an engagement, both the tradie and contractor have the opportunity to rate and review each other based on the experience.