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New Quoting Template for ConX Measure

We have added a few new columns to the quoting template so you no longer have to do any multiplication on your phone 😃 Here is a look at the new features with some explainers of how to use it. 

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Square Meter Calculator

Do you need to know the square meter area? Well you've come to the right plan, in a couple of short steps we'll help you find it out. All you'll need is a computer and a set of plans!

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How to Find the Scale

It’s not always easy to get the original copies of plans straight from the draftys pen, sometimes  originals have been scanned and re-uploaded which will affect you when you are looking to get accurate measurements, other times guys send you a picture of plans (As in the  example below). It can be a real slog getting the correct information for something so crucial that could be the difference in thousands of dollars. 

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ConX Measure: Feature Update

You probably logged into ConX last night or this morning and noticed something a little bit different about us….or maybe you haven’t yet tried us out, if that’s the case you’ve got to see this.

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Concrete Calculator - How much concrete do I need?

How to use online tools to calculate the amount of concrete required for a slab!

Concrete Calculator

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