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Five tips for tradies to win tenders

Are you spending all day on the tools and all evening in the “office” lining up the next job? Here are five tips to help you win more jobs and save your precious time for golf, surf, kids, or some other fun activity:

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Protecting your business income

Tradies - we're curious to know how badly you and your business is affected every year by contractors going bust. Would you take 60 seconds to help us by completing these 4 questions:

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If you'd like to know more about what we're working on, shoot us a mail at and lets have a chat.

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New Feature: ConX Team

ConX has recently launched “ConX Team” to give contractors complete visibility on who they are working with. Check out how this is working for registered subcontractor, Ocean Carpentry, below. 

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5 tips to creating a good job on ConX

Posting a job on ConX is quick and easy. In less than 5 minutes your construction job can be pinging into the hands of your ideal workers thanks to the intelligent matching technology behind ConX - we are proud to say we’ve connected jobs to trades in less than 10 minutes with guys on the job, ready to go in under 24 hours.

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Tips to get you ahead when applying for a job

Applying for jobs and not getting anywhere? Read here how to build a better profile to get ahead of the rest

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Hire laborers in Sydney through ConX

ConX is thrilled to partner with GrowPro, a platform that brings Spanish natives to Australia and helps them to get setup, and settle into, the Aussie way of life.

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List your construction jobs on ConX

Have jobs you need to fill in a hurry? ConX is a job platform built specifically for the construction industry. It's not a classified to sell a fridge, nor is it a place where you find your office manager. It's a place where real tradies come and build real profile to find real jobs!

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How to post a job and connect with applicants

Quick video for employers on how to post a job anc connect with applicants.

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Register as an employer and post a job in five minutes

Quick How To video explaining how to register as an employer within five minutes.

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