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Turn a ladder into a shelf tradies

Okay enough of the teasing. Let's cut to the chase. Who would've thought that a simple and innocent tool like the ladder could be anything more than...

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Custom garden seating for the outdoor tradie

Christmas is just around the corner, so there's no time to muck around. Let's cut to the chase because your backyard is looking ridiculously boring and empty

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Inside day bed for a comfortable tradie

Fast and simple way to fill in that empty and awkward space in your home. All you need to do is:...

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DIY van shelving system for tradies

Turning a basic van into a tradie's van. Twice the space, within budget and keep your tools out of sight! It'll also double as a recreational van for those weekend surf/camping trips. 

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Fix your workspace tradies

Messy workspace?
Mates, get this. Simply grab that neglected tennis racquet and turn it into a mini shelf that you can swing under the table when not needed. 

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Friday Beer Tricks for Tradies

You know it, it's another week of Fix-It Friday tricks.

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Tradie jobs to up cycle old materials

It's another week of Fix-It-Friday tricks, and this time we're going to get very hands on with wood. Recycling was so yesterday, now it's all about upcycling. Enjoy!

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DIY nuts and bolts storage

Check this out. I've put together some handy Fix-it-Friday tricks for my ConX tradie mates. Enjoy and have a great weekend! 

- Keith

*If you'd like to work for Keith, his carpentry business hire's regularly through ConX

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