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Project Bank Accounts

The Palaszczuk Labor Government in Queensland has taken a huge step forwards towards protecting the subcontractors of the State in the last couple of days. We have seen a shift in risk go from the shoulders of the subbie back to the contractor.

Construction Sector Salary Outlook for 2017

In the 2017 edition of its Hays Salary Guide based on a survey of almost 3,000 organisations, recruitment outfit Hays said two-thirds of all employers throughout the building and construction sector intend to offer either no remuneration increases in the coming year or increases of less than three percent. Source: Sourcable

Changes to the 457 visa program will constrain profit for construction contractors

In April 2017, the Federal Government announced plans to axe the existing 457 visa program, which is intended to help employers fill skills gaps. Instead, they plan to replace it with the Temporary Skill Shortage visa.  The new Temporary Skill Shortage visa is designed to free up jobs for skilled Australian workers, who feel they are being unfairly denied opportunities by employers looking to save on wage costs. 

Modular Construction Versus Traditional Construction

The NSW Government says Sydney is on the brink of its biggest-ever housing construction boom, which will see almost 200,000 homes built in the next five years. They’ve called out for smaller, cheaper houses as there is an undersupply of 100,000 homes in the state, with an ageing society and households in need of affordable smaller homes.

AEC Sector Must Increase Adoption of Technology

Despite an explosion of technology that could drive increased accuracy, efficiency, and profits, Australia’s $300 billion building sector continues to lag in adopting new technology tools.

Construction and Women - What’s the problem

“If we want to increase the number of women in Australia's construction sector we need to be willing to challenge working conditions for men.”

That's the unexpected conclusion reached by Louise Chappell and Natalie Galea after investigating why Australia's building sites, and the many professional services that support them, have remained virtually no-go zones for women despite significant workplace gains for women elsewhere. 

Matching Supply and Demand in Thriving Australian Construction Industry

There seems to be a lot of chat of late about the construction industry slowing in Australia, but on the job front, it’s quite the opposite with the actual number of jobs advertised higher than this time last year, according to Seek, Australia’s leading jobs website. Read about how ConX is working to solve this:

The Effects of the Home Australia Group Going Bust

Hundreds of subcontractors and their employees are left in the lurch as Senator Bob Day’s The Home Australia group has gone into liquidation and construction on 207 properties around the country has been put on hold. Read more about what's happening here:

The Robot Builder

We wrote a blog piece on Hadrian in November last year when Fastbrick Robotics, the local Aussie company behind the Robot, listed on the ASX. Originally created to meet labour shortages the innovative company plans to begin building its first homes in Australia in the third quarter of 2017, and plans to manufacture about 8,000 of the robots over the next decade.

Challenges of Business Insolvency in the Construction Industry

Battling to get paid for jobs you've sucussfully completed? At ConX, we're working hard to come up with a solution to reduce the risk of general contractors claiming insolvency and leaving sub-contractors to go broke. 

Read the Executive Summary of the Senate report on Insolvency in the Construction Industry published in December 2015. This highlights the major problems and where they are stemming from.