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Contractors, what are your obligations?

Working with subcontractors is part of business whether you are getting an electrician to fix a light in the office or you have a crew of 20 subcontractors working on a job. You might be of the belief that they need to look after themselves, they get paid more to deal with all the other crap so you don’t have to? You are correct in some respects, you don’t have to pay wages or PAYG or holidays or sick leave and you can terminate the work whenever you like, but it’s not all plain sailing. Part of your WHS Duty of Care covers not just your workers but other parties that conduct work on your behalf or on your premises. So how do you make sure you are doing what you need to?

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Top three questions to ask of before voting in the federal election

ConX co-founder and #realtradie Keith Moore has highlighed the top three questions to ask before voting in the federal election. You can read the full article in Smart Company here.

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Protection of subcontractor payments

Project Bank Accounts – The Background:

Much has been discussed in recent times about the use of Project Bank Accounts (Trust Accounts) as a means to protect the flow of payments on construction projects from the principals down to the eventual suppliers of the goods and services which form the eventual completed project.

The political, social, and financial consequences of the failure by suppliers and subcontractors to receive payment for works, completed following the all too frequent collapse of development and construction enterprises, was highlighted at every one of the recent hearings into insolvency in construction conducted  by the Senate Estimates Economics Committee.

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Tolls in NSW and Victoria set to rise and rise

Toll costs in NSW and Victoria set to continue to rise in the coming years, spelling bad news for construction SME's looking to reduce operational costs.

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Tradies Win in the Budget

The 2016-17 Budget is a win for the $200 billion building and construction industry.

Company tax rate cuts

It has been confirmed that from July 1, small to medium-sized businesses with an annual turn over of up to $10 million dollars will qualify for a company tax rate of 27.5%, down from 30%.

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How to know if workers are employees or contractors?

Are you wondering whether the tradies on your job are employees or contractors? Check out this video which sums it up in two minutes

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Running a Construction Business Online

These days, nearly every aspect of running the business, apart from actually being “on the tools” can be done online. 

Using the Internet to source and purchase materials is an efficient and cost effective alternative to taking a trip to the suppliers.  A quick google search will let you compare prices from different suppliers throughout the country (and the world depending on what it is). The cost savings can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

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5 questions to think about before going it alone

The construction sector makes up the largest number of small business owners in Australia, with over 300,000 business owners taking the leap and going it alone. But what are some of the questions you need to answer before you do, and what are some of the problems you will face? We spoke to some business owner and here is what we found.

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Protect Yourself with Progress Payments

There are payment requirements in the building and construction industry that principals, general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers must follow. These are regulated by the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (the Act).

As a contractor providing goods or services as part of construction work, you're entitled to receive ‘progress payments’ for work delivered. It doesn’t matter whether a contract is verbal, written or non-existent, you’re still entitled to them.

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Australia’s Tradies and Suicide


Hard times: The suicide scourge among Australia’s tradies was an article that appeared in the SMH’s Good Weekend last weekend by Peter Munro. It deeply saddened me and really hit a nerve. If you haven’t read it yet, please do now.

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