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Protecting your business income

Tradies - we're curious to know how badly you and your business is affected every year by contractors going bust. Would you take 60 seconds to help us by completing these 4 questions:

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Contractors, what are your obligations?

Working with subcontractors is part of business whether you are getting an electrician to fix a light in the office or you have a crew of 20 subcontractors working on a job. You might be of the belief that they need to look after themselves, they get paid more to deal with all the other crap so you don’t have to? You are correct in some respects, you don’t have to pay wages or PAYG or holidays or sick leave and you can terminate the work whenever you like, but it’s not all plain sailing. Part of your WHS Duty of Care covers not just your workers but other parties that conduct work on your behalf or on your premises. So how do you make sure you are doing what you need to?

Tradie tips for cold winter mornings

Struggling to get up in the morning? Read our tips for making the early starts on cold winter mornings more manageable.

Trade Licensing for 457 visa holders

Our partners over at Access Visa Migration Services put together some info about trade licensing for 457 visa holders. If you are qualified in a trade outside of Australia and looking to make a move, read on.....

Top 10 trades in demand in Australia

The Department of Employment have released a report listing the top 10 trades in demand in Australia. Where are all the brickies at?

Don’t get scammed by fake construction ads

There is a fake recruitment company in Perth posting ad’s on Gumtree, promising tradies, labourers and traffic controllers well paid jobs in return for a one-off payment by electornic trasfer in advance of the job starting to cover safety courses, uniforms and equipment.

5 life hacks for tradies

Chances are that if you are a tradie or a construction business owner, there is just not enough hours in the day. Early starts, heavy traffic, long hours and book keeping leaves you with just enough time for some dinner before starting all over again. Sound familiar?

Australia’s Tradies and Suicide


Hard times: The suicide scourge among Australia’s tradies was an article that appeared in the SMH’s Good Weekend last weekend by Peter Munro. It deeply saddened me and really hit a nerve. If you haven’t read it yet, please do now.

Tips to get you ahead when applying for a job

Applying for jobs and not getting anywhere? Read here how to build a better profile to get ahead of the rest

Use the skills shortage to your advantage

A shortage of skilled labor is increasing the cost and time involved in building a house particularly in Melbourne and Sydney. The residential building sector is nearing crisis point – deadlines are being missed or worse, not reached at all.